Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Croatia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Travel, Tourism, Tours, Concierge, Unique Tours, Istria, Adriatic, Dalmatia

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Industry Setting

Olive & Spice is a new concierge travel service brand from Istria, Croatia. The company is lead by an American-Croatian couple Chelsea and Marko who take their guests on unique tours of the Adriatic, as well as the continental Croatia.


We needed to change the brand image and make it more professional and appealing to foreign clients, and also tell the personal story about Chelsea and Marko who fell in love with each other in Istria and decided to share their love for life and travel with their clients.


We created an emotional brand story perfectly embodied in the slogan „Fall in love with life“:
«Chelsea and Marko fell in love when they realized they love the same things in life. They wanted to share this love for life with people. That’s why they are Olive & Spice.

They’ll take you on unique tours of the Adriatic, as well as the continental Croatia. Each new adventure fills you with a sense of wonder and gratitude to be here, like when you are sipping wine in the Istrian countryside, nestled in green, sun-drenched hills. Even rain feels different while you are truffle hunting in the forest. You love being you while you are discovering the islands by boat and you are taken for dinner of scampi caught that morning. You’ll feel amazed in the maze-like wonderful world of old Istrian and Dalmatian towns. You don’t want to find the way out of this maze; it feels cozy, mesmerizing, wonderful and amazing.»

The inspiration for the logotype came from the love story of Chelsea and Marko.The logotype consists of several symbols that summarize their story by using simple elements such as olive (food), place marker (travel) and heart (love, the joy of life). A set of illustrations further explains the brand.


Chelsea & Marko immediately fell in love with the new branding, and so did their clients.


Client: Olive & Spice – oliveandspicecroatia.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: Fabular – fabular.agency