Enterprise Rebrand

Country Base: China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Mobile Products or Services, Telecommunications, Technology


Industry Setting

ZTE is a multinational telecommunications systems and equipment company based in China. Looking to firmly solidify itself as a leader in the information and communications industry (ICT), ZTE knew it would need to take a proactive approach to its business strategy.


ZTE is currently transitioning from B2B to B2C. As such, the brand needed to break free from its old image to better meet the needs of young consumers in todayÍs ñalways onî mobile internet era.
ZTE wanted to build a ñcoolî new brand image and unveil it for the brandÍs 30th anniversary celebration.


In todayÍs interconnected and highly personalized world, unlimited access to information allows people to plan for a future they never thought was possible before. This idea of limitless access and a future of endless possibilities inspired the creative idea ñMapping your tomorrow.î


Dynamic icons and expressive visual elements are used as a flexible, customizable system to create a more youthful and energetic expression of ZTEÍs new philosophy.

Following the brand launch, click rates, visits and time spent on the site have increased significantly.

´ Over 170 million interactions with#ZTE Night on Weibo

´ Coverage on Wechat was more than 28 million users

´ Coverage on Facebook was more than 2 million users and the brand video was played over 510,000 times


Client: ZTE Corporation – www.zte.com.cn

ZTE Senior Manager: Janifer Wang Lijun

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand Shanghai – www.interbrand.com

Creative Director: Chuan Jiang

Design Director: Feng Yi

Designer: Ping Feng

Senior Designer: Xiaoyi Li

Photography: Mark Chew – www.markchew.com.au

Other Contributors

Client Service Manager: Jie Yao

Strategy Director: Yaqian Tang

Senior Strategy: Shu Zhang