Industry/Sector/Keywords: Accessories, Precious Jewelry, Luxury, Women, Design, Fashion
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Industry Setting
Zoya is the the House of TataÍs most prestigious brand of luxury diamond boutiques throughout India.

Meant to be the pinnacle of Tata’s luxury jewelry brand, Zoya’s digital presence faced a critical need to distinguish its persona and to translate its luxury personality to engage with India’s burgeoning, highly active digital consumers and new global audiences. How do you get the worldÍs most distinctive woman to walk through Zoya’s digital door?

We transformed the brand by transcending its functional role as a jeweler to define it as a purveyor of experiences that mirrored the aspirations of the Zoya Woman. The new digital and social media presence took her on a personal journey, while bringing the world to her doorstep.

We appealed to the Zoya Woman’s desire to explore the world by crafting small vignettes that revealed the elegance, sophistication and exceptional craftsmanship that is every piece of Zoya jewellery. The focus was to also create a sense of community for Zoya Women, which was accomplished through social media engagement.


Zoya’s heritage of a regal and majestic essence were imitated by choosing the palettes of the maharajas, which affirmed the exclusivity and identity of the brand. However, to appeal to the modern digital woman, Zoya welcomed clean and modern aesthetics which were translated into a mobile, pervasive experience, surpassing expected digital experiences in India.


The new powerful expression of “digital” grace was tremendously received and endorsed by new buyers. The brand dramatically increased visibility and awareness, while boosting the perception of Zoya as a sophisticated luxury player, and expanding its audience base, translating into:

•  a 20% increase in store foot traffic
•  a massive 10% increase in online inquiries, quarter over quarter
•  Facebook followers grew 1827% over 12 months
•  Instagram grew 5000% over 12 months


Client: Zoya –
Brand Manager: Sukalyan Roy

Brand Strategists/Designers: 26FIVE –

Anusha Azees
Sophie Ann Terrisse

Creative Direction/Design:
Austin Lee
Jackie Jack

Swati Maheshwari
Sharon Lewis

Account Management: Ninad Vardam