Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Transportation/Shipping and Delivery, Cars, Sharing Economy, Carsharing, Cities, Travel, Driving, Drivers, Automobiles, Automotive, Multi-Modal, Ride-Sharing, Sustainability

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Industry Setting

Zipcar sparked the revolution of shared mobility in 2000, leading the way out of car ownership and into more simple and responsible city living. As the world’s leading car-sharing network, they compete with numerous ride-sharing options. However, they also work cooperatively within the multi-modal space—from bike sharing to mass transit, and public policymakers to private enterprises—to make urban living more accessible and sustainable for all.


Over their 17 years, the space the company created grew crowded with more brands and choices that generated buzz and appeal. Zipcar’s service became seen as staid compared to the reinvention around it. A reintroduction of what Zipcar means (past the service offering), on a personal and social level—and expressed via a vibrant visual system—was needed to reignite that spark.


Zipcar is innovative and disruptive, while remaining personal, locally focused, and responsible. The rebrand’s goal was to reinvigorate how this revolutionary vision is reflected in the entirety of marketing and communications efforts. By approaching specific audiences (across a range of ages and demographics) in a conversational tone that is aspirational, relatable, and sassy, the brand story is told in a witty, conversational way. An expanded color palette and completely new icon system and photo library unite this message of trust, diversity, and vivacity.


The brand has been successfully positioned  as an urban-savvy necessity that is smart, simple, cost-effective, and socially responsible. In addition to the refreshed overall brand,  localized and targeted communications within Universities, Zipcar for Business, and Consumer segments, have been implemented. By putting people and their needs first, members and non-members view Zipcar as a relatable brand to be respected and relied upon.


Client: Zipcar – www.zipcar.com

Director of Brand and Creative: Pat Arnold
Associate Creative Director: Julie Shulman
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Mandy Donovan
Head of Production: Eleni Mehanna
Marketing Project Specialist: Teenie Rose
Senior Copywriter: Allison Tanenhaus
Copywriter: Eddie Nicolau
Copywriter: Christie Brydon
Art Director: Charisse Gallagher
Art Director: Andy Huff
Associate Art Director: Lauren Thimmesch
Associate Art Director: Stephanie Quiñones-Millet