Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Poland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Retail Stores, Property Developments, Food, Restaurants, Markets, Shopping
Industry Setting

Żabka (pol. Little frog) is the biggest convenience store chain in Poland with over 3000 stores across the country. Although, friendly and tame, it was a low-market store known for selling mainly cigarettes and alcohol. Yet, the whole food retail category was gradually raising their assortment and communication standards (Biedronka, Lidl, Carrefour).


Żabka adopted a new positioning, which strengthened its recognition as a true convenience store: a friendly and convenient grocery store that facilitates everyday shopping.


Our work on the brand was preceded by a brand audit, in which we analyzed the brands strategy, as well as the current branding system. The analyses allowed us to formulate the assumptions for a new, functional brand identity which would manifest the new positioning.


[We] developed a comprehensive concept for a visual identification system of the store, starting from the logo, store navigation system, price tags through to guidelines for the in-store communication formats. The store maintained its familiar atmosphere (thanks to soft typography, mild color codes and a frog embedded in the logo) while it gained a cutting-edge and functional identification system that responds to the aesthetic needs of the contemporary customer.


Client: Żabka Polska S.A. – www.zabka.pl

Marketing director: Maciej Mitoraj

Brand Strategists/Designers: BNA Sp. z o.o. – www.bna.pl

Strategic Director: Mariusz Przybył
Creative Director: Wojtek Mierowski
Brand Consultant: Andrzej Rozen
Project Manager: Lucyna Zych
Designers: Dominik Robak, Sławomir Barcz
DTP: Jacek Stankiewicz