Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Business/Professional Services, Consulting Services, Mobile Products or Services, B2B, Call Center, BPO, Work From Home, Distributed Workforce, Work-Life Balance, Freelancers, Self Employment

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Industry Setting

Founded in 1996, Working Solutions began as an idea that sparked the “work from home” revolution and the remote contact center industry. Working Solutions launched when the Internet did not have Google, YouTube or Facebook—becoming one of the first distributed workforce companies in history. The company has served some of the world’s best-known brands and now boasts a network of 100,000+ agents across the United States.


Modernizing the company’s brand, after 14 years, we faced 2 main challenges. The first was to create a brand from the ground up for an established company that included: brand guidelines, web applications, websites, signage, print materials, colors, documents, presentations, sales collateral, and much more. The second was to educate employees who were not accustomed to brand policies and inspire them to become the backbone of our new brand.


Months of due diligence went into researching and brainstorming. User personas were detailed to match up personalities with the company’s mission. Several ideas were developed, but it was the desire to impact the future of the industry that brought the brand to life. Communication is the core of our business and our purpose is to move communications into the future. Our old brand symbolized working “out of the box,” so we shifted the focus from where and how people work to what we do for clients and their customers by “moving communications forward.”


Qualified leads have rapidly increased by 500%. Prospective agent engagement has increased significantly. An inaugural brand champion program has helped usher an increase in brand pride and engaged employees. Massive re-engineering of all internal apps for a more seamless user experience internally and externally to optimize operations is now underway. Modernization of a brand that has not been updated for 14 years, has delivered measurable results.


Client: Working Solutions – www.workingsolutions.com

CMO, Leadership: Gail Rigler
Creative Director, Creative Direction: Ronnie Myers
Graphic Designer, Design and support: Hector Osuna
Marketing Director, Support: Amanda Schweikhard
Director of Content, Content creation: Springfield Lewis

Freelance Consultants:

Developer, Website coding: Michael Moreau,
Video Animator, Animation: Joshua Tumpak
Animator, Logo animation: Shafat Rasool
Coder, HTML signature coding: Kirill Beletskiy