Industry/Sector/Keywords: Financial Services, Investments, Private Wealth Management
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Industry Setting

The financial services industry is known for endless jargon and inscrutable-but-presented-as enlightening charts, and that’s especially true for the wealth management sector. With so many high net worth clients left to wonder how to decipher the reports that land on their desks, most advisors simply default to “this is really complicated, so let us handle your money.” The team at Waldron knew they needed to do better.


– Clearly demonstrate that by simplifying the financial lives of their clients, a higher order benefit ensues–they simplify their lives.

– Explain WaldronÍs comprehensive services (including truly complicated forecasts and evaluations) in a way thatÍs neither patronizing nor overwhelming

– Adhere to the strict compliance rules of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)

– Smoothly integrate new brand messaging and ensure rapid adoption by Waldron advisors and support staff


To set Waldron apart from other firms, we instituted a slight, but important name change—from Waldron Wealth Management to Waldron Private Wealth—to reflect the broader service offering. And to underscore the firm’s focus on helping high net worth clients untangle the complexities of significant wealth, we expanded the brand mantra to Simplifying Wealth. Simplifying Life.

We simplified the logo, and established a warmer, more sophisticated color palette. We also commissioned artist Stephen Doyle to create paper sculptures out of the actual forms and charts that contribute to the complexity of wealth. These sculptures served to illustrate the art of simplifying„the process of transforming the enigmatic into something beautiful.


Waldron advisors and current clients quickly embraced the way our strategists were able to restructure service offerings to align with the new brand focus. Our omni-channel approach presents Waldron as unified, smart and sophisticated. Reports are much easier to understand. Collateral is more direct. And the new website, which features a more robust user experience and much more strategic information architecture, continues to perform well in analytics.


Client: Waldron Private Wealth –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Grafik –

Brand Strategists:
Judy Kirpich
Lynn Umemoto

Creative Strategist: Hal Swetnam
Creative Director: Judy Kirpich

Design Directors:
Efrat Levush
Arthur Hsu
Writers: George Nicholas
Client Manager: Lynn Umemoto
Paper Sculpture: Steven Doyle