Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Tourism, Places, Geographic Locations, Travel, Destinations
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Industry Setting

When the Greenville Convention & Visitor Bureau considered rebranding, their tourism efforts were in need of a new focus and unifying spirit. Prior to launch, there was no brand identity and Greenville, SC was not a part of people’s travel consideration.


•  Too many Greenvilles (36 within the US)

•  No defining feature in the destination

•  Limited financial resources

•  Many stakeholders, and lack of unifying spirit

•  No marketing efforts to date and lack of general awareness


Despite the destination’s awareness problem, we knew people loved Greenville, SC so we explored what brought them here and what inspired people to come back. Visitors were drawn to the “people energy” and pride that existed among locals. Everyone we talked to had a favorite thing to share, punctuating his or her sentiments with “THAT’s what I love about Greenville.”

We realized the favorite attraction we thought missing was here all along – our people. And instead of avoiding the fact that there were dozens of other Greenvilles, we created a destination identity that played off it. We aren’t just any Greenville; we’re THAT Greenville. Yeah, THAT Greenville.


Since launching Yeah, THAT Greenville campaign in March of 2013, Greenville has had great success _ both in terms of tourism performance and social engagement:

•  Greenville, SC hit highest occupancy rate ever at 70%, and outperformed the nation, region and state in hotel occupancy.

•  Visitors generated over 1.1 BILLION in direct spending in our community, and $64.5 million in state and local taxes.

•  GreenvilleÍs messaging was seen or heard on TV, radio, print and more at least 274.9 million times

•  Inquiries increased 300%

•  Membership by local businesses increased 124%

•  Visitors and residents embraced #yeahTHATgreenville on social in more than 155,000 pieces of user generated content from launch to 2015.


Client: Visit Greenvile SC –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Brains on Fire –