Country Base: Switzerland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Financial Services, Investments, Banking
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Industry Setting

In an increasingly digitized world, any service brandÍs biggest challenge is to truly differentiate itself. This is difficult on a technology level, as revolutionary breakthroughs are rare and quickly adapted by competition.

Banking, in its heart is ultimately a peoples’ business. With the financial crisis of 2008, however, came a profound reputational damage to the whole industry. To be successful,
UBS has to re-establish trust and highlight the value of human relationships throughout the clientÍs different stages of life and their specific requirements. UBS needs to transform from low engagement bank to human touch bank.


UBS underwent a four-year internal strategic transformation, which was to be reflected through the brand design to create a distinct image. Based on the brand personality, the UBS brand was to become more human, modern, and different.


Brand relaunch to make UBS more human, modern, and different

Our firm worked closely with UBS on evolving the brand design to capture the forward-looking attitude of the bank, starting from a “digital first” perspective. We developed the concept for messages: get attention first, then tell more in simple words. This was the formal basis for the new UBS tone of voice. We also developed a bright and light picture world, capturing moments in the lives of active people and real places. We are continually developing and evolving brand guidelines as well as internal and external marketing media for UBS.


•  More modern: Frutiger Light is in the spotlight, UBS Headline has a supporting role.

•  An engaging tone of voice through all UBS communication: clear, convincing, and with a bit of charm.

•  Pictures interact with the copy for compelling word-image stories.

•  The predominantly white brand design is clear and simple.

•  The brand presents UBS as thoughtful, contemporary and empathetic people who provide excellent financial services.


Client: UBS –
Head, Brand Design: Corinne Machenbaum

Brand Strategists/Designers: SNK Identities AG –

Project Lead/Design Consultant: Armin Niederberger
Brand Design:
Israel Moreno
Sandra Schmid
Ali Herold
Brand Communication:
Eleanor Close Kraft
Clau Isenring
Digital: Michael Okraj
Type Design: Alexander Colby
Motion Design/Data Visualization: Erich Moser
Online Brand Guidelines Platform: Marion Steiger