Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Brand Consultants, Professional Services, Business Strategy
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Industry Setting

The brand consultancy space is becoming more competitive as ad agencies, PR firms, management consultants and freelancers are providing similar services to a finite client base. How does one separate itself from the other? Set out to create a new agency model — one that puts customer-centric experiences at the core of driving brand innovations — Brandlogic and CoreBrand joined forces in 2014 to deliver broader and deeper value to clients.


Following the merger, our challenge was to create a new unified company that would balance and build off of Brandlogic’s and CoreBrand’s respective legacies and intellectual property.
Key challenges/tasks:

• Enter a competitive category (brand consulting) with an entirely new name – and determine the firm’s unique competitive advantage within the industry

• Develop and create the new company’s visual and verbal identity

• Communicate the change to current and prospective clients (ensuring existing clients that familiar products/services were still available and that current projects would progress as planned)

• Ensure that our messaging was clear and relevant, speaking to the challenges faced by today’s CEOs, CMOs, and brand managers

• Establish both internally and externally that this new company would serve as an indispensable partner in helping organizations identify unseen opportunities in the marketplace


We conducted several rounds of research and spoke to existing, previous, and prospective clients to determine the unique strengths and attributes of the new company moving forward. Internally, we established four pillars that guided our strategy and further, helped to establish a clear and competitive advantage: human-centered, brand-led, performance-based and digital-enabled.


Since Brandlogic and CoreBrand have re-launched as Tenet Partners, the firm has seamlessly integrated Brandlogic’s digital branding prowess with CoreBrand’s pioneering approach to corporate brand valuation and brand management. The company has since forged new consultative relationships with clients, who depend on Tenet Partners to engage with their organization to drive brand innovation and revenue growth.


Client: Tenet Partners –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Merged Brandlogic + CoreBrand Teams

Formerly Brandlogic:
CEO and Managing Partner: Hampton Bridwell
Senior Partner, Strategy & Research: James Cerruti
Senior Partner, Content Marketing: Anne-Marie Normandeau
Technology: Larry Roth, Senior Partner

Formerly CoreBrand:
Chairman: James Gregory
Chief Operating Officer: Russ Napolitano
Senior Partner, Employee & Customer Engagement: Larry Oakner
Senior Partner, Creative Director: Andrew Bogucki
Strategy: Beth Flom, Partner
Randell Holder, Design Director
David Garcia, Partner