Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Germany
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Hospitality, Hotels, Conference Centers, Meetings, Corporate, Food, Restaurants

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Industry Setting

The Sparkassenakademie Bayern is a venue center in Bavaria. Until recently, the campus solely served the training needs of Sparkasse Bank. In an attempt to reduce costs, the banking industry continuously reduces its events and training initiatives. As a result, opening up the institution for external companies was the best way to stabilize and increase booking rates – a process, however, which had to be handled carefully.


The main goal of the project was to create a brand, locally and nationally, which emphasizes the venue’s strengths. The new brand must compete with other places of a similar kind but always smaller in size. It must also communicate the self-perception to long-term and newly appointed staff, keeping them motivated and enhancing the ta.la spirit.


After conducting a series of interviews, visual research, benchmarking, and interactive workshops with the client, we distilled a new brand positioning. From the subsequent naming phase with seven options, ta.la was the chosen name. Not only does it convey the original spirit of an open and modern environment facilitating mutual exchange and learning, but it is also an abbreviation for its new name “Tagungszentrum Landshut”.

The design is characterized as friendly, open, modern, but also timeless, and is inspired by the architecture of ta.la. The unusual open structure builds on two factors: light and nature. The brand symbol reflects the light within the building which features the exceptionally open architecture and the nature surrounding it. Every place in ta.la is a window into the green. At the same time, with its heraldry approach, it fits the history of the city of Landshut.


Overall, the new name, look & feel and the newly created website were perceived very positively, both internally and externally.

“The cooperation in this—politically and through the strategically sensitive brand-finding process—was and is always very constructive. Even after the completion of the main contract, the closeness and energy that has shaped the togetherness until then remain intact.” said Markus Brandt, Hotel Manager


Client: ta.la – tagungszentrum landshut – www.tala.de

Brand Strategists/Designers: INTO Branding GmbH – www.intobranding.com

Managing Partner, Strategy: Philipp Zwingel, Susanna Pinnow
Managing Partner, Creative Director: Florian Schubert, Florian Ruta
Art Director: Maria Horn