Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Poland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Educational Institutions and Libraries, Post Secondary Schools, Education, Learning, Professional Courses, Employment, Work, Jobs

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Industry Setting

ŻAK is a leader of post-secondary schools in Poland, running its facilities in over 80 cities throughout the country. The schools are conveniently located to provide easier access to education for people from each region.


ŻAK addresses a wide range of courses and training for young people who want to shape their career path quickly and efficiently, through learning and working in a specific profession. The company required an identity system that would interest a modern young person and adapt well for both printed and digital media.


We focused on the client’s target group—the young—and their typical communications methods with short text and picture/emoji messages. That informed the identity we developed of a dedicated corporate typeface, enriched with a set of pictograms to present ŻAK’s far-reaching offer. In combination with short captions we created their characteristic communication style.

The pictograms also represent the professions for which the school provides learning, now being associated with the programs. Present on all corporate materials, they pictograms contribute to overall brand cohesion. We refined the color palette for the brand identity to make it distinguishable in the marketplace and easily applicable to various media, avoiding legibility issues. ŻAK comprehensive rebranding incorporated design standards and guidelines for the offices as well as the design of recruitment points located in shopping centers throughout the country.


The developed solutions and standards have become key elements in the visual identity of the organization and the overall ŻAK brand. They have enabled consistency for corporate materials, online activities, and the office environments. The refreshed brand has been met with increased attention and interest in the school’s programs.


Client: Szkoly ŻAK – www.zak.edu.pl

Marketing Director: Michal Jasinski
Marketing Department Coordinator: Piotr Szambelan

Brand Strategists/Designers/Insights/Client Services:
Politanski Brand Design – www.pbd.pl

Art Director: Tomasz Politanski
Brand Consultant, Copywriter: Justyna Buczek
Graphic Designer: Katarzyna Ginalska
Graphic Designer: Renata Krawczyk
Graphic Designer: Patrycja Pawlik
Type Designer: Maciej Majchrzak