Country Base: China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Real Estate, Property Development, Planning, Tourism, Retail
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Industry Setting

As a new landmark destination of the city, Suzhou Center Located, in a key location of the Singapore-China industrial park, is the biggest city complex in China.


The biggest challenge for us was to not only establish a brand that appeals to local residents, tourists, retail brands and top global corporation partners, but also to find a solution that could link the city’s rich history and culture with its modern ambitions.


Our brand proposition, “Celebrating wonders to open the future,” stemmed from the idea of preserving cultural heritage while at the same time representing the vibrant energy of this bustling city. Traditional Chinese architecture and the city’s rich history in the illustrious art of silk making provided us with unique perspectives of this ancient yet modern metropolis. The delicate, detailed and meticulous craft of weaving together each shimmering thread is the epitome of the deep cultural spirit of Suzhou city and also inspired our creative idea “Sewing the Spirit of Suzhou.”


Since the brand launched in February 2015 at renowned Suzhou Museum, Suzhou Center has witnessed increasing brand awareness among prospects. The unique brand positioning has clearly defined the brand and has provided it with a clear path to the promising future. The living brand visual and experiential expression has brought the brand to life, giving Suzhou an emotional touch to bond with customers.


Client: Suzhou Center

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand –

Creative Director: Chuan Jiang
Associate Design Director: Nan Wu
Designer: Mengtong Li
Senior Associate: Yujia Yao
Senior Strategy Manager: Wenwei Yin
Senior Consultant: Xiyun Bu
Associate Consultant: Yiming Yan