Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Brand Strategy, Retail Experiences, Design Services, Architecture
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Industry Setting

Shook Kelley is an atypical strategy and design firm, with offices in Charlotte, NC and Los Angeles, CA, that works for a variety of consumer-oriented client brands, from cities and urban districts, to grocery store chains and motorcycle dealerships.


Founded in 1992, Shook Kelley’s brand identity had evolved over time, but had not received a major update in over a decade. The larger challenge was creating a coherent identity that could tie together two offices with diverse experiences and a multi-disciplinary staff. While Charlotte emphasizes larger-scale development and planning, LA focuses on smaller-scale experiences for consumer-oriented brands.


To create a truly meaningful rebrand, Terry Shook and Kevin Kelley re-connected on the origins of Shook Kelley. The firm never intended to be only a provider of design services, but a team that values ideas and believes in a common cause. The rebrand is encapsulated by the bold promise, “We Convene.” Convening is the art and science of bringing people together. Whether designing a city or a corner store, everyone at Shook Kelley is dedicated to understanding the meaning of the human condition, and finding ways to bring people together through well-designed experiences, especially in the physical environment.

The rebrand is made real through a new brand identity, printed collateral, website and a series of simplified communication icons that quickly communicate the firm’s inter-related skill sets and unique processes for developing places and brands that bring people together. The new identity’s everyday color palette embraces a bolder and provocative tonality that better suits the brand’s unique value proposition.


From the outset, past and present clients responded positively to “We Convene.”, as a recognizable synthesis of the brand’s cause. The rebrand has also created enthusiasm and clarity for the internal culture.


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Project Team:
Co-Founders: Charles Terry Shook and Kevin Ervin Kelley

Jeff Camillo
Sabrina Fan
Michael Powell, Ph.D.
Yusuke Yokoyama

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