Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Energy & Utilities, Industrial/Manufacturing, Precision Technology, Innovation, Green Development, Building, Rubber, Plastics Chemistry, Polymer Addities

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Industry Setting

A subsidiary of SinoChem and one of the leading suppliers in rubber and plastics chemistry, SinorgChem found it hard to showcase its own capabilities and potential for future development. Its original brand name was often confused with SinoChem in marketing communications.


To create a new brand name and to reveal its unique value as a leading brand in the field of polymer additives for green development.


We created the new brand name, Sennics, that works for international application for a brand positioned as a rapid innovator. We designed a brand-new visual symbol with the image of a humming bird to represent green development. In close co-operation with the Sennics staff, we have introduced and implemented the new brand system successfully.


One year after the rebranding, Sennics has increased its revenue from 2.3 billion yuan in 2016 to nearly 3 billion yuan in 2018, despite the context of a growth slowdown in the industry. The market research has shown that there has been higher brand identification and recognition than ever before.


Client: Sennics Co. Ltd. – www.sennics.com/en/

Brand Strategists/Designers: Visdombrand – www.visdombrand.com

Chief Creative Officer: Ronghua LV
Executive Creative Director: Xiaoyu Zhang
Designer: Xinyu Yu