Country Base: Hong Kong
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Hotels, Hospitality, Real Estate, Property Development
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Industry Setting

Hong Kong property developer, Chuang’s Consortium, was creating a new hospitality group under its umbrella to house hotel, resort and spa, as well as residential offerings. Hotel sáv in Hong Kong was to be the flagship and first demonstration of the sáv brand. sáv Hospitality’s vision was to cater to the growing millennial travelers.


sáv Hospitality invited us to create a new holistic brand experience for their hospitality group that is distinctive and innovative to meet the increasing number of travelers — travelers who prefer unique experience and design — and to gain share in this competitive industry in Hong Kong.


sáv hospitality offerings target millennial audiences who are more interested in cultural education and adventure. After gaining insight into this group, we co-created the idea to “explore more.” This gets demonstrated across a brand visual system and language that is fun, stylish and experiential. These attributes had to be delivered through a multi-sensory approach where taste, touch, seeing, hearing are all considered to create a distinctive brand experience.

The accent in the sáv name serves as an icon for an attitude and a point of view. The system can flex from dynamic to sophisticated, depending on their offerings. We have continued to work with them on a holistic hotel experience, which includes naming and designing other sub-brand offerings, ensuring value is always driven back to the hospitality group.


The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome and thought it was a brilliant articulation of their original intent. This distinctive hotel experience has attracted many travelers and celebrities to stay or hold events. The results have also generated much media coverage.


Client: Sáv Hospitality –

Brand Strategists/Designers: FutureBrand Hong Kong –

Executive Creative Director: Young Kim
Senior Designer: Celia Leung
Senior Designer: Po Hung
Creative Strategist: Gareth Joe
Designer: Debbie Poon
Strategy Director: Klara Chan