Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Switzerland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, Wellness

Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Video, Summary, Credits

Industry Setting

There are 58 health insurance companies in Switzerland. With around 835,000 customers, Sanitas is one of the largest. A basic health insurance is mandatory in Switzerland; its benefits and services are therefore regulated by law and basically the same with every insurance company. Additional insurance can be purchased by individuals, as needed, but they tend to be rather comparable.


As their products and services seem interchangeable, images of Swiss medical insurance providers are seldom differentiated. Sanitas builds on strong partnerships and advocates a healthcare system that is directed towards the future. This integral DNA must be clearly felt and seen at all its touchpoints from brand image and experience across to communication.


Together, everything is easier – especially where health issues are concerned. Our guiding principle “Together for Your Health” is the basis for an updated brand and a cross-channel communications strategy. The unchanged Sanitas logo in a two-toned version plays with the concept of contrasts that symbolizes togetherness and a proximity to customers and persons – contrasts that generate a force, create emotions and engender new solutions. A high-grade dark green and bright red in the color palette provide extra luminosity conveying youth and agility for the brand.

Primary print expressions are now two-toned to underscore significance and to make it easily recognized and remembered. Just as the design system, the imagery is also characterized by contrasts. Light and shade generate tension, create moments and emotions. An emotive image spot presents the new Sanitas.


What we achieved for Sanitas
– A brand identity which transports the differentiating central concept of “Together for Your Health” and shows Sanitas as the one health insurer in Switzerland which builds on togetherness and partnerships for a sustainable, future-oriented healthcare system
– A brand identity which is contemporary, digital, fluid and adaptable
– The performance part of our campaign contributed to reaching the growth objectives for the complementary insurances of Sanitas
– Internally, employees shared enthusiastic feedback on the new brand appearance-
– By developing rebranding and launch campaign jointly, we created efficiencies in production as well as creating stronger recognition as campaign and branding material was fully aligned


Client: Sanitas Health Insurance – www.sanitas.com

Head of Sales and Marketing: Kaspar Trachsel
Head of Brand Management: Valentin Hüsser
Head of Campaigning and Events: Marco Chini
Marketing Manager: Jasmine Rizzo
Marketing Manager: Britta Mickeler
Head of Content and Corporate Communications: Claudia Sebald
Graphic & Corporate Design: Simone Rolli

Brand Strategists/Designers: Branders Group AG – www.branders.ch

CEO: René Allemann
Executive Creative Director: Thom Pfister
Strategy Director: Philippe Knupp
Director Omnichannel Experience: Marisa Güntlisberger
Director Communications: Thea Ferretti
Brand Consultant: Patrik Bockhacker
Brand Consultant: Michèle Motterle
Junior Brand Consultant: Sarah Egger

Senior Brand Designer:
Micha Kumpf
Palma Manco
Soraya Gaouaoua

Executive Brand Designer: Sarah Trendle
Senior Copywriter: Katja Wölfel
Video Journalist: Martin Fähndrich

Production: Nadia Rosasco
Direction: Bram van Alphen
Photography: Per Kasch