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Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Institutions, Nonprofits, Social Services, Mental Health, Behavioral Health, Treatment, Children, Family, Families

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Industry Setting

Having started as an orphanage more than 130 years ago in Southeastern Massachusetts, Saint Vincent’s Home was one of many social services agencies serving children. Known for being a Catholic-based organization that served children removed from their families by the state, Saint Vincent’s helped these children when they needed it most.


The community had long thought of Saint Vincent’s Home as an orphanage as their name implied. For many years, their main source of income was from Massachusetts state contracts, which meant the children they served came through the state’s closed referral system. Over time, Saint Vincent’s saw the opportunity to offer some of its services to the public at large, having evolved into a behavioral health services organization focused on family-centered, trauma-informed treatment. The public was unaware of this shift.


We recommended the organization change its name to Saint Vincent’s Services thereby repositioning them in the market as focusing on treatment, care, and transformation for children and their families who have experienced trauma. We created an organizational strategy that separated and defined “services” as those open to the public and “contracted services” as state agency referral-only services. We created a new brand identity and overhauled their website by focusing on specific key audiences and their needs. We created a marketing communications and outreach plan to inform the public of their new positioning and services.


The new brand identity and website was well received and resulted in the following:
• Parents/families can easily find the various services offered, as well as download required forms to streamline the intake process
• Referral sources now have a way of communicating with parents/families and to provide them with information about open services.
• Human Resources can now list jobs on the website and employees can share these opportunities
• Prospective employees can now access job listings directly on the website and apply to jobs through Indeed.com
• Automated Development activities: event listings, ticket sales, sponsorships sales, receive Wishlist items via Amazon
• Supporters can purchase tickets and sponsorships, sign up to volunteer for events, buy Wishlist items on Amazon, make a donation, sign up for the newsletter


Client: Saint Vincent’s Services- www.saintvincentsservices.org

Executive Director: Jack Weldon
Chief Operating Officer: Kristen Dutra
Director of Development: Jenny Mello Reis
Director of Human Resources: Karen Hayes
Director of Systems and Operations: Paul Michael
Chief Financial Officer: Jack Patricio

Brand Strategists/Designers: Orange Square – www.orangesquare.com

Strategist & Creative Director: Kristine Merz
Art Director & Designer: Ryan Richard
Art Director & Designer: Juli Leonard
Copywriter: Sarah Baldwin