Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Poland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Travel, Leisure, Tour Operator, Tourism, Hospitality, Rainbow, Poland, Leisure, Entertainment

Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Video, Summary, Credits

Industry Setting

Rainbow Tours S.A. is a leading polish tour operator. Existing for over 25 years, the brand has been adored for its diversity, exoticism and praised for the compliance of their offer in keeping with the promise.


Rainbow Tours needed to refresh its brand, including the brand mark redesign, in order to create a modern and flexible system that would reflect the diversity of its offer, while preserving the joyful and vacationing character.


Our first step was to shorten the brand’s name to a single word: RAINBOW, which would work better in a logotype. This allowed us to redirect the company’s website to the easiest possible address: www.r.pl.

The letter R became an avatar functioning as the logo mark and being a multi-functional key constituent of the identity system. It can be a container of various elements like a slogan or a characterization of a particular destination and serve as a foundation for creating new sub-brands.

RAINBOW brand gets its own custom-designed font family in order to ensure the identity of the company is kept coherent, regardless of the text length or configuration. A strong, eye-catching color palette for the brand identity guarantees consistency and flexibility throughout all applications.


The implementation of new standards started from the center of the company on out. Crucial for the rebranding success was to keep the staff (pilots, agents and tour representatives) up-to-date with the new brand strategy. They were provided with informative handouts, describing the changes and a video showing the idea behind the new brand identity.

The use of R shapes, a custom typeface and colors, provides a unique and fresh visual language which led to the successful rejuvenation of the brand. The launch has resulted in positive feedback and increased interest in the company’s services.


Client: Rainbow Tours SA – www.r.pl

Brand Director: Emilia Bratkowska

Brand Strategists/Designers: Politanski Brand Design – www.pbd.pl/

Art Director: Tomasz Politański
Brand Consultant, Copywriter: Justyna Buczek
Graphic Designer: Katarzyna Polak
Graphic Designer: Samuel Asín de la Hoz
Graphic Designer: Norbert Strukow
Type Designer: Maciej Majchrzak
Motion Designer: Marcin Tokarski