Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Health, Wellness, Hospital Systems, Mergers & Acquisitions, M&A, Holistic Health

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Industry Setting

Generally speaking, the health care industry is complicated and fragmented, leaving consumers feeling frustrated and lost. To make matters worse, WalletHub Resorts ranked South Carolina as the eighth worst state for health care.

Two health systems—Greenville Health System and Palmetto Health—joined forces, to tackle health care for one of the most challenging regions in the country.


The challenge was clear: unite two former competitive health systems under one culture and goal while recognizing the unique needs and populations of each of them. In addition, there was a need to shift from a traditional health care system to an innovative holistic health company that redefined how the community engaged in their health.


Prisma Health was born of the belief in coming together to do what’s never been done before, in order to create a hopeful future for health care in South Carolina. The brand had to represent this new bold direction. Taking inspiration from how light refraction can shift perception and transform into something new, the new name and identity radiates a new energy of possibility, with a spectrum of colors that represents the diverse community Prisma serves.

Prisma Health stands out from the rest of the category and breaks away from traditional health care, opening the door to a daring, more aspirational vision. We created a consistent branded approach across all platforms of communication including digital, print, and environmental, by using the power of story through color, typography, photography and voice to make up the new Prisma Health expression.


• In less than a year we not only helped define a new health company but were able to get a diverse group of stakeholders, from both communities, on board with a bold and daring new expression.
• United under a new name, purpose, brand architecture, logo and design system, a new model for partnership and health care had been defined.
• The reinvented brand signaled a new era for Prisma and has been embraced and celebrated by all employees citing excitement to take part in a new beginning of care for the state of South Carolina.


Client: Prisma Health – www.prismahealth.org

Senior Vice President, Market and Communications, Project Lead: Todd Miller

Brand Strategists/Designers: Monigle – www.monigle.com

Executive Creative Director: Sean Coleman
Creative Director: Nina Janzon
Lead Designer: Renee Talbot
Designer: Seth Haller, Alex Michalko
UX/UI designer: Duncan Robertson
Senior Strategy Director: Luke Bemis
Strategy: Meredith Hayford, Nathan Jeffrey
Associate Director Production: Laurent Tschumy
Production Specialist: Patrick Mapes
Client Experience Director: Sara Zweig
Client Experience Coordinator: Alex Mooneyham