Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Germany
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Legal, Professional Services, Law Firm, Lawyer, Intellectual Property, Pharmaceutical Law, IP Law, Patents, Trademarks, Attorneys, Business

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Industry Setting

Law firms are often perceived as cold and distant. Despite that, working with lawyers is actually a very personal experience. Recently, the megatrend of digitalization has been affecting the legal industry, which additionally adds complexity in the communication between law firms and their clients.


Preu Bohlig represents one of the largest law firms specializing in intellectual property law and pharmaceutical law in Germany. Despite its success, the company has struggled to align its six decades of heritage and tradition with the ongoing digital and technological advancement of today’s fast-paced world.

A new visual identity should bridge the gap between the company’s heritage and the new realm. The rebranding also comes with the 60th anniversary of the company and the recent expansion efforts and numerous entries in several countries internationally.


We derived the new brand positioning from a series of interviews, brainstorms, visual research, benchmarking, and collaborative workshops with the client. The brand strategy is based on several critical pillars.

We started with a consistent and trust-promoting brand image with a clear brand promise: „Excellence is in the details”, which also serves as a brand claim. It is reflected in the simple, yet nicely crafted and slightly edgy wordmark (Note the letter B). The imagery style is bold and away from typical clichés. The color scheme is „robust” (dark blue), clear (lots of white space) and creative (magenta highlights).

Thus, we prompted a sense of tradition and innovation in harmony with a timeless, modern appearance. This approach supported the overall aim of increasing positive perception and distinctiveness of the Preu Bohlig brand in a highly competitive industry.


We presented its new visual identity on an entirely updated website with freshly crafted content that explains comprehensively the values with which the company aligns its excellent performance.

“The agency exceeded our expectations. It managed to give us a distinctive design without sacrificing our decades of tradition. The rebranding has improved the self-awareness of the people in the firm and the trust in the firm’s ability to adapt to changes and to assume a leading role in IP law.” said Daniel Hoppe, Lawyer and Partner at Preu Bohlig.


Client: Preu Bohlig & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB – www.preubohlig.de

Brand Strategists/Designers: INTO Branding GmbH – www.intobranding.com

Managing Partner, Strategy: Philipp Zwingel, Susanna Pinnow
Managing Partner, Creative Director: Florian Schubert, Florian Ruta
Art Director: Maria Horn