Country Base: Sweden
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Online Media, Video On-Demand, Interactive, Entertainment
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Industry Setting

Plejmo, previously named Film2home, offers streamed movies for Nordic countries. The company has existed for over 10 years. They wanted to rejuvenate their brand to keep up with the competition from other Nordic movie services and international players like Netflix and HBO.


With new leadership on board and a vision to be in the forefront of the industry, we helped them relaunch their whole brand to reach early adopters and people that want an easy movie experience online. That included everything from a new name – Plejmo – to new tone-of-voice and a new graphical/visual appearance including logo, illustrations, typography, animations, communications and web design.


We wanted Plejmo to be a new kind of movie service. Their competitors usually communicate from a technical standpoint and talk about video-on-demand, streaming movies in 720p, etc. Instead, we wanted to focus on the end product – the movie experience and the emotions it creates.

Simplicity was also a keyword, you don’t have to spell out all the technicalities as long as everything is a smooth ride. With that in mind, we created a logo with a natural symbol for this environment – the eye. And with a play symbol-glare as a tongue in cheek detail in the pupil.

And of course, keeping in mind that they are all about motion pictures, we made a dynamic and animated eye that can be changed to show emotions or to be branded in different movie styles depending on the communication. We also created a typographic solution inspired by subtitles and added a bold color scheme and illustration style to show that they have a distinctly different mindset from the competition.


A bold and fun brand with a simple and direct approach. The brand has been very well received both internally and by Plejmo’s customers.


Client: Plejmo –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Under –

Creative Director/Designer: Tobias Ottomar
Creative Director/Designer: Thomas Andersson
Account Executive: Johan Tangen
Project Manager: Krister Johansson
Tobias Ottomar
Thomas Andersson
Henry Stenberg
Anna Lindstein