Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Energy and Utilities, Public Services
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Industry Setting

Pepco Holdings, Inc. (PHI) serves about 2 million customers in the Mid-Atlantic region via three subsidiaries. These subsidiaries provide regulated electricity service, and one also provides natural gas services. In 2011 and 2012 PHI’s customer satisfaction and reputation scores plummeted due to perceptions of unreliable service and restoration delays after outages, with one subsidiary named “Most Hated Company in America” by a national magazine. A complete rebranding was implemented in 2013, replacing a corporate identity unchanged and diluted over 10 years.


•  Repair the company’s reputation for service and reliability
•  Increase customer satisfaction
•  Create brand champions internally and externally
•  Attract a talented workforce
•  Demonstrate value to investors and enhance corporate culture


Passionate and hard-working employees were placed at the forefront in materials, giving the company a human face and connecting with customers emotionally. First-person copy replaced the passive institutional voice, acknowledging and addressing past problems while credibly documenting the company’s efforts to meet customer needs.

Graphically, the palette evolved from bland neutral tones to vibrant translucent colors to infuse the brand with energy. Contemporary type was used to communicate strength and resolve. The rebrand was implemented across online, outdoor, direct mail, broadcast, print, electronic and social media channels.


•  Customer satisfaction scores for the most negatively perceived subsidiary rose 28 points in less than four years
•  By June 2015, 78% of customers viewing company ads said they looked more favorably toward Pepco as a result
•  1,225% gain in Facebook likes and 337% gain in Twitter followers in less than four years
•  Since launching a rebranded website, traffic increased – sessions 26%, page views 23%, smartphone access 80% and tablet access 27% – compared to an average month on the previous website
•  “Energy Company of the Year” honor for PHI from EnergyBiz magazine in March 2014


Client: Pepco Holdings –

Vice President, Corporate Communications: Laura Monica
Director of Customer Communications and Marketing: MaryBeth Vrees
Senior Manager of Customer Communications and Advertising: Michael Herbs
Manager of Interactive Communications and Marketing: Brett Holland
Senior Staff Photographer: Rick Giammaria

Brand Strategists/Designers: Creative Co-op –

Creative Director: Josh Weinstein
Account Director: Tish Casey
Art Director: Scott Bartley
Designer: Julie Sorensen
Copywriter: Samantha Arroyo