Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: UK
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Associations, Foundations, Nonprofits, Peace, Activism, Philanthropy

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Industry Setting

Peace One Day has worked toward a powerful mission for two decades—to unite the globe around an annual Peace Day, September 21. Coming up on its 20th anniversary, the nonprofit wanted to galvanize even more global audiences. Founded by Jeremy Gilley, Peace One Day has helped spur transformative achievements: ceasefires, immunizations, and now, domestic violence and cyber harassment. Peace Day was adopted by the UN in 2001—a first-ever official day of global ceasefire and non-violence.


Working with Peace One Day, we created a new logo and brand identity that could help generate excitement around the 20th anniversary and broaden awareness of their mission around the world. The goal was to acknowledge that peace has not yet been achieved, while also inspiring people to see the individual impact they could have on peace—all with the limited resources of a small nonprofit.


The brand identity evolved from a simple, impactful logo—a 21st century evolution of the globally-recognized peace symbol, reworked to remove a slice of the original motif. It nods to the goal of peace not yet accomplished, while showing that change can start small with individuals, one “piece” at a time. Designed to be infinitely customizable for infinite causes, it empowers people around the world to make Peace Day their own. Along with the reimagination of a universal symbol, we updated their identity to be more open, bold, and simple. An energetic new color palette centers on blue (symbolizing serenity and trust) and is supported by a rainbow of pastels (representing openness and energy); the typography is made more accessible with the universal Helvetica Neue. We also helped them create a hashtag, #doyourpeace, to complement the story of the new logo.


The new logo and identity were launched in conjunction with the monumental 20th anniversary Peace Day flagship celebration at the Globe Theatre in London. Peace One Day is now well-equipped to become an even more recognizable movement, actionable to all—and to attain their 2025 goal of reaching 3 billion people with the Peace Day message.


Client: Peace One Day – www.peaceoneday.org
Founder: Jeremy Gilley
Campaigns Manager: Ned Morgan
Corporate Manager: Bruin Maufe
Information Officer: Mariia Maslovskaia

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand – www.interbrand.com

CEO, Interbrand New York: Daniel Binns
Senior Creative Director: Mike Knaggs
Marketing Manager: Tina Goldstone
Senior Verbal Consultant: Katherine Pisarro-Grant:
Design Director: Sung Suh
Designer: Spencer Seligman
Designer: Tut Pinto
Marketing Assistant: Riyad Mammadyarov