Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Healthcare, Nonprofits, Pharmaceuticals, Wellness, Women, Ovarian Cancer, Treatment, Research, Awareness, Support, Fundraising, Donations, Branding

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Industry Setting

Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA) is a not-for-profit organization working tirelessly to support women with ovarian cancer. To give them a voice, foster community and further conversations – while facilitating research, raising awareness and striving for a cure.

With an existing brand strategy and brand charter, Ovarian Cancer Australia required a brand identity that reflected their personality and their passion – and instilled a sense of empowerment for all of those who are involved.


The project brief was to rebrand Ovarian Cancer Australia to align with their new bold, brave and brilliant brand strategy. The new identity would require more passion and personality – with a greater focus on digital.

The biggest design challenge we faced with the Ovarian Cancer Australia rebrand was making sure we were able to stand out in a particularly crowded marketplace.


The refreshing change to OCA’s brand strategy meant that the creative needed to take a similarly bold approach. We did this by creating a logo that could also double as a badge of pride. With the ‘O’ & the ‘A’ cancelling out the ‘C’, the logo is a confident symbol of our commitment to overcoming ovarian cancer. When coupled with a strong typeface, powerful, personal imagery & a refreshing use of the teal, the brand felt more dynamic.

Using the new strategy as a blueprint, we were able to transition a polite, feminine and quiet brand into a striking, passionate one – while still balancing that attitude with respectful compassion.

Using the following 3 brand principles—awaken; to create awareness, assist; supporting women with ovarian cancer and advance; to conquer the disease—we were able to build a unique and engaging identity to allow OCA to stand up and stand out.


The Ovarian Cancer identity has helped our client raise additional funding for cancer research and support.
• Volunteers from 2018 to current day rose by 53%
• Unprompted awareness of Ovarian Cancer Australia showed an increase from 4.4% in January 2019 to 7% in May 2019
• OCA’s brand attribution to leadership; progress & conquering cancer has improved by a further 8% on average
• Sponsors and partners revenue increased by 55% between F17/18 and F18/19.
Fundraising also grew F17/18 v’s F18/19 as follows:
• Community fundraising – up 18%
• In honors – up 18%
• General donations – up 92%
• Other merchandise Sales – up 150%

Through this brand recognition and awareness, Ovarian Cancer Australia can continue to be bold, brave and brilliant – and ultimately make ovarian cancer a thing of the past.


Client: Ovarian Cancer Australia – www.ovariancancer.net.au

Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals – www.prinicpals.com.au

Executive Creative Director: Simon Wright
Creative Director: Martin Hopkins
Senior Designer: Rhiannon Folpp
Head of Motion Graphics: Dean Varndell
Motion Graphics Designer: Jhon Riano
Head of Production: David Cunningham
Creative Copy Director: Mikey Thebridge
Account Director: Bridget Ashley