Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Financial Services, Investments, Wealth Management, Banking
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Industry Setting

Morgans – one of Australia’s largest stockbroking and wealth management firms – was not well positioned, differentiated or widely known in the Australian financial sector. The external brand expression was very much a ‘me too’ approach indistinguishable from many other companies in the conservative financial sector.


A change of partner – from Royal Bank of Scotland to CIMB – was the catalyst for a brand review and revitalization.


After a thorough research process, an opportunity emerged for Morgans to position itself as ‘a clever thinker’ – an organization with foresight, smart solutions and the depth of experience to be wise to the ways of the market.

This approach was a long-term brand strategy that would:
• enhance the perceived value of Morgans CIMB advice
• help counter the drift to DIY (do it yourself) or low-cost online brokers
• provide a platform for internal conversations
• align the culture to clear brand values and aspirations
• create potential for distinctive visual strategies and carve out a recognizable brand essence and visual style

Visual metaphors and bespoke illustration was the foundation to deliver new messages to the market. The brand personality is quirky, clever and demands attention.

The retention of some of the conservative elements of the original brand visual expression helped maintain continuity, ground the new elements in a credible framework and minimize the cost of the revitalization.

A national digital campaign was also activated to build brand awareness and credibility, yielding positive results for the business.


For Morgans CIMB, one of Australia’s largest stockbroking and wealth management firms, one of the unexpected benefits of the revitalization has been improved engagement of franchisees and improved relationships between the network and head office.

The new brand has been the catalyst for totally new conversations both internally and externally. Now Morgans’ staff have became more confident, they are using the brand to help explain the company’s differences and benefits.


Client: Morgans CIMB –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Lloyed Grey Design –

Creative Director: Nicki Lloyd
Julie Bebbington
Tim Grey
Nicki Lloyd
Illustrator: Tim Grey

Web Developer: Line26 – Andrew Morton
Photographer: John Bowden