Country Base: Russia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Construction, Property Development and Marketing, Real Estate
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Industry Setting

LLC “Monolitholding” is one of the largest construction companies in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. It was created in 1989 with the company name “Monolitstroy”.

In 2015 in Krasnoyarsk the company planned to introduce 700 thousand square meters of real estate. Because of recent market downfall in real estate, the expectation is that the stagnation would continue until 2018. The marketing division of Monolitholding only had growth of housing sales in the past five years of 15-18%.


A list of challenges to consider and address:
1. Innovation in projects and to strengthen market leadership position
2. The planned start of a new, large project — unusual for Russia in the current market
3. Extension of areas of business — transition into status of “company of full cycle” in development and construction
4. Establish a more unified company structure
5. Upcoming milestone anniversary — 25 years in construction industry


• The brand had to reflect the industry sector leadership and innovative, open and dynamic approach.

• The target audience — strong and successful people, that are very achieved and strive for the best.

We conducted desk research on competitors and held strategic sessions and workshops with top-management of the company. We had to “get into the heads” of its employees to understand what inspires them, so we also talked with employees at different levels. We learned the make-up of the company strengths are proportioned this way: «Monolitholding» is 70% for its innovation 30% for its leadership».

Positioning analysis and the company’s goals for next 15 years led us to the design solution.

It was important to keep the company goals clear, and the values transparent to all. The Logo is made of glass — a material that is transparent, and through which the future can be seen, representing openness to new ideas. We also integrated the concept of ‘Agility’ which represented a desire to move quickly in a new direction, and to face and solve challenges quickly.


Following the rebrand, many positive gains were achieved:
1. We launched the brand with a “Summit of the Leaders” conference
2. The company has won new construction contracts
3. Sales growth has increased
4. There is a recognition of one of the company’s projects, country-wide in Russia
5. The new website has seen significant increase in site visitors due to the updated design and better usability
6. Employees feel internal team spirit and a more corporative culture has been strengthened


Client: Monolitholding –

Brand Strategists/Designers – Lead: SmartHeart® –

Creative Director: Stas Okruh
Art Director, visual concept: Yuriy Mihalchenko
Brand Strategy: Anton Chitana
Ilya Tumaykin
Yuriy Mihalchenko
Anton Chitana
Danila Yusma (“Tverdiy znak”)
3D Visualization:
Klyesov Sergey
Olga Tyryshkina
Elena Okruh

Video (logotype animation):
Roma Lubimov Dmitri Baraulin (“White Russian”) Music: Radar

Production: SmartHeart®
Music: Long Arm — Blue Birds Red Flowers

Brand launch:
Event management:
Pryamaya liniya
Tverdiy znak