Country Base: China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Telecommunications, Smart Phone, Mobile Products, Services
Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits


Industry Setting

Several years ago the smartphone market in China was dominated by Apple, Samsung and Nokia.

Not anymore.

Local smartphone manufacturers have mushroomed and enjoyed steady growth. This growth has created extreme levels of competition in China’s crowded smartphone market as local brands vie to become the next Apple.


•  To evolve the fragmented brand from a hardware manufacturer into an international, emotionally active and integrated smartphone brand.

•  To create a distinctive brand identity system which was flexible enough to introduce different tonalities of Meizu’s three product ranges; Meilan, MX and PRO online and offline.

•  To create a look and feel system that would provide consistent communications as the brand expands beyond the China market to India, Eastern Europe and Russia.


New brand positioning and architecture was developed to create clear product portfolios.

Insights from key target market research revealed an overwhelming admiration and emotional connection to Meizu’s entrepreneurial beginnings of founder Jack Wong ’having a big dream and chasing it’. This story of ‘dreaming’ led to the idea of ‘uplifting’ as the core concept for the brand identity design. It represents Meizu’s spirit of chasing dreams and to always push further and rise higher.

The idea of ‘uplifting’ was distilled to the universal symbol of a balloon which is playful, distinctive and importantly, memorable. ‘Uplifting’ features in every facet of the system which can be seen in the color palette of blue sky, white clouds pushing higher into the universe.


With the new identity and continued growth trajectory, Meizu is now recognized as a rising star and one of China’s top 5 smartphone brands. Its sales for 2015 are expected to exceed 20 million smartphones, which would signal an increase of 400% from the previous year. In addition, the brand has expanded successfully beyond China into India, Eastern Europe and Russia where sales so far for 2015 have increased by over 30%.


Client: Meizu Technology –

Senior VP Marketing: Li Nan
Brand Manager: Reven Law

Brand Strategists/Designers: MetaDesign –

Managing Director: Mauro Marescialli
Creative Director: Sally Anderson
Senior Designer: Jana Xing
Brand Strategist: Willow Liu
Client Manager: Youming Wang