Brand Extension
Country Base: China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Automotive, Automobile, Cars, Travel, Drivers, Manufacturing, Transportation, Mobile Experience, Retail Stores, Industrial, Brand Sound

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Industry Setting

Born from Volkswagen, made in China – a quarter century after the JETTA put an entire generation of Chinese drivers on wheels, the family car was reimagined as a sub-brand unto itself. Aiming to provide affordable German engineering for first time-buyers, it provides a strong option in China’s entry-level car segment.


While China has changed significantly in 25 years – JETTA’s purpose had not. The challenge lay in revitalizing the spirit of its pioneering days and reinventing JETTA with a younger personality, modern design language and attitude to appeal to a younger audience on a channel where they spend most of their time – mobile.


At the core of JETTA’s visual identity is a signature two-line graphic representing the brand’s “Proud Past, Bright Future.” This recognizes the model’s legacy and its transformation into a new sub-brand. The flexible super-graphic is integrated into a modular layout system that allows easy applications for all channels. Meanwhile, JETTA’s people-centric image style captures authentic life moments. Backed by a bold color palette, the overall visual feel is energetic, optimistic and young.

Recapturing its pioneer spirit, the JETTA brand goes beyond visual with a new sound signature that is confident and dynamic. Light tones capture the playful positivity of youth, while bassier notes evoke sure-footed confidence. Structurally, the sound follows the signature graphic, aurally building and opening towards the end.


With a bold and energetic identity, the JETTA brand has been lifted from an iconic model into an exciting new brand – once more poised to put the next generation of drivers on wheels. During JETTA’s first 3 months of pre-sales for the VS5 model, orders exceeded expectations by 230%. In 2020 JETTA will officially launch the pre-sale for VS3 and VS7, which are expected to achieve similar success.


Client: Volkswagen China –
Senior Brand Manager: Jasmine Ran

Brand Strategists/Designers:
MetaDesign Beijing –

Senior Client Manager: Jiang Wenwen
Creative Director: Sally Anderson
Designer: Yafei Wang
Designer: Mondo Meng
Associate Strategy Director: Owen Li
Senior Brand Consultant: James Watsonkrips
Brand Consultant: Lori Luo

Sound Design: whydobirds –