Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Japan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Educational Institutions and Libraries, Education, Communication Design, Engagement, ISA, Language Arts, Schools, Learning, English

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Industry Setting

Good English is one of the best skills a Japanese kid can learn. It unlocks the world. ISA supports English language education in Japan by offering foreign home-stay. Since 1970, it has helped half a million kids of all ages to study and gain experience living abroad.


Until recently, ISA operated chiefly through intermediaries such as schools and businesses. But as competition in the sector has intensified, the company needed to reimagine itself to increase awareness, to show prospective students that it is unique, and to motivate its own staff.


We took ISA’s philosophy of opening the future for all children by a global learning experience and turned it into a simple proposition: ISA helps children to feel empowered, excited and passionate to challenge themselves and the world. With this new message, we developed bold and energetic graphics and a compelling call to action—“Be inspired!”—to show kids that they can become anything they want.


Externally, the new branding positions ISA as a more attractive company that is already experiencing increased interest from students and hosts. Internally, the renewed pride in ISA is reflected in new services and a new corporate spirit.


Client: ISA – www.isa.co.jp
Senior Managing Director: Atsushi Ikegame

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand – www.interbrand.com

Executive Creative Director: William Woduschegg
Executive Director: Strategy, Hiroyuki Yabe
Director, Strategy: Yumi Suzuki
Director, Creative: Rika Igarashi
Director, Creative: Seppo Kurki
Senior Designer, Creative: Aki Kawai
Designer, Creative: Kaoru Morimoto