Country Base: Pakistan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Information Technology, Computer Hardware, Software Services
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Industry Setting

Interactive Group is a leading Pakistani IT&C (information technology and computers) integrator, with a growing pan-Asian presence. The company has expanded over the past 30 years from IT services to a wide array of cross-industry solutions in Broadcasting, Education, Health, Transportation, and the Public Sector.


The entrepreneurial, family-owned business, guided by a visionary and widely-respected leader, needed a stronger brand to handle its current expansion course, new business challenges and competitive landscapes, as well as to fully engage the organization with its future.


The business strategy was well internalized under the acronym HOPE (Health Programs + Optimized Connectivity Projects + Public Sector Projects + Enterprise Multi-Sector Projects). Capitalizing on this internal currency provided the unifying brand idea: “Fulfilling Hope.”

Striving to construct a new, modern and vibrant visual identity for the company – one that illustrates the transformative power of technology and yet reflects the rich heritage of Pakistani culture – prompted a novel use of Pakistani national symbols as building blocks.

Thus, we imagined the “Pentacrescent” — a three-dimensional piece that combines together five crescents into a proprietary star shape, an object-logo able to represent the reality of a truly multi-faceted, complex business and organization — which allows for manifold symbolic expressions:

— The Five Crescents: founding values and Pakistani pride;
— The Star: aspiration and desire to lead the change;
— The globe-like side view of the Pentacrescent: international expansion, cosmopolitanism and openness to the world.

The identity — polymorphic and dynamic — lends itself perfectly to the online medium, where it can vastly enhance the user experience and allow for simple yet versatile communication platforms.


The new brand has revitalized and enhanced the corporate image, which is paramount in establishing new markets, while also aligning with the company’s social consciousness – under the brand promise “Fulfilling Hope.” Interactive Group’s success is also inspire other Asian companies to strengthen their brands and take on their Western counterparts in global markets. g Hope.î Interactive GroupÍs success is also inspire other Asian companies to strengthen their brands and take on their Western counterparts in global markets.


Client: Interactive Group –
Group CEO & Chairman: Shahid Mahmud

Brand Strategists/Designers: Brandient –

Managing Partner: Aneta Bogdan
Creative Director: Cristian ‘Kit’ Paul
Design Director: Ciprian Badalan