Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Kingdom of Bahrain
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Financial Services/Insurance, Investments, Finance, Middle East, Bahrain, Real Estate

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Industry Setting

Inovest is a Bahrain based investment firm that has largely invested in real estate projects under its local holding company Tameer (Arabic for building). Due to fall out from the global economic crises, the local economy had suffered greatly and investors were weary in regards to exposing their funds to risk. The one sector that returned to health was real estate. Investors increasingly looked to invest into companies that could offer greater certainty and innovations in market-driven real estate.


Inovest is a dynamic holding company that creates innovative new ventures to take advantage of new niches and unexploited sectors in the market. Due to the economic crises, other macro-social political factors in the local market and investments in areas outside of the company’s comfort zone, the company had sustained several years of poor financial performance. The company had rectified the core issues and addressed the challenges in its management (appointing a new CEO) and in its operations. They now wanted to signal the transformation of its business. The key challenge was in how to convey the company’s due diligence and focus on its area of expertise – creating profit from real estate-led, service-focused businesses.


Through client workshops, we helped to discover the brand’s true purpose – to discover potential and deliver value and personality – the entrepreneur. From this we worked on brand values that would help the team to build a culture that could support this vision and result in the brand personality. These values were Committed, Creative, Direct and Energetic. This culture was driven by a client promise to find and create value through profitable opportunities.


The brand has been rolled out to its core markets in the Kingdom of Bahrain which has helped signal the changes they communicated were real and visible. The appreciation of the internal changes has been clearly identified by both internal teams and shareholders. The brand relaunch has enjoyed overwhelmingly positive reception by the financial community in Bahrain, investors, shareholders and the press. The perception of a greater level of professionalism has been noted by the firms commentators.


Client: Inovest – www.inovest.bh

CEO: Murad Al Ramadan
Director Marketing: Dana Alhaddad

Brand Strategists/Designers: Unisono – www.unisono.bh

Brand Strategy: Amy Morgan
Creative Director: Liam Farrell
Designers: Dmitry Krasnoiarov, Hajer Ghareeb, Liam Farrell
Copywriting: Liam Farrell