Country Base: Austria
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Energy & Utilities, Telecommunications, Waste, Water Treatment
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Industry Setting

Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG (IKB) is the market player in the fields of energy and utilities in Tyrol, Austria. IKB guarantees first-class service, local availability, responsibility, innovation and expertise to all its private as well as public customers. IKB’s services include:
• Electricity
• Waste water treatment
• Waste disposal
• Telecommunications
• Pools / saunas • Contracting

IKB makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection in the Tyrol region and contributes significantly to its attractiveness. In an enterprise-wide process in 2013, IKB developed a new brand profile. This process revealed the urgent need for a new corporate identity.


– Authentic positioning of the IKB umbrella brand
– Nimble communication strategy
– Transparent communication of all services
– Brand value appreciation

– Private and Business Customers
– Public sector
– Partners and Stakeholders


In order to build on the existing high awareness for the brand ( Tyrol: 80% ) and its core attributes of tradition, reliability, and trustworthiness, the agency drew on the existing identity, and developed it further by placing it in a contemporary context. The result: A smart, clear, flexible corporate design and communication strategy that reflect IKB’s new vision.


The new logo with the dynamic “1” and the “Eins für alle” (“One for all”) slogan underpin not only IKB’s competence as an expert in innovative municipal services and a supplier of intelligent energy solutions, but also clearly express IKB’s attitude: As a “company for all,” IKB is deliberately opening itself both outwards towards citizens, customers, partners; inwards towards its employees. IKB is explicitly putting humans and their needs first.

The coherence between the old and new corporate identity permitted a phased implementation. The first phase included main points of contact like the website, printed business materials, as well as the branding of public contact points such as construction sites, vehicles and work


Client: IKB – Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Brainds Marken und Design GmbH –

Key Accont & Concept: Oliver Heiss
Project Manager: Christopher Edi
Creative Director: Rudolf Zündel
Art Director: Wolfgang Lehrner Graphic Designer:
Michael Gantner
Sophie Dutzler
Talita Santos