Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Research, Mergers & Acquisitions, M&A, Health Research, Big Data, Brand Unification, Human-Centered

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Industry Setting

Health is a very crowded, rapidly changing, and growing marketplace. More and more mergers are bringing together large data and health research, often creating more confusion in the marketplace than they solve. Known brands become quickly unknown in a sea of sameness and confuse customers trying to find the brands they recognize and to learn about a new brand.


How do you integrate two established health research companies with two very separate and distinct existing brands operating differently in a similar healthcare marketplace?

It would have been easy to absorb one company within the other, but through discovery and deeper understanding of the similarities and critical differences, we created a brand that celebrated the combined expertise, relationships, and assets of each. Through this process, we developed a clear position to help them stand out amongst their competitors.


The brand transition was derived from both organizations and grounded the new company in a clear perspective on ‘why they do what they do’. This required moving from inanimate data—pervasive in the industry—to a data story told by experts and created through scientific rigor and strong relationships. Shifting to a human-centered brand engaged the organization as it connected to a core mission and told a people story from the voice of the combined organizations, where the data story became more personal, approachable, authentic.

Using design-thinking, we uncovered the essence of each brand and how that made a stronger unified brand. The new brand redefined HealthCore in a unique way while still celebrating the roots of both companies. We defined a clear place in the market—a distinctly different position from competitors with new brand colors that move them far forward in a crowded space.


A unified brand strategy and brand identity—one that changed the relationship of the organization with the new brand. “Brand” is no longer just seen as “brand identity,” or the look and feel of the company, but is now viewed as a strategic tool which has propelled the organization forward, establishing a new vision and position in the market.

In this way, associates know who they are, senior leaders have a way to conceptualize their strategic goals, and business development now has tools to talk about a broader range of services with a comprehensive and consistent voice. all based on a people-focused research position. The new HealthCore brand is independent and unique in the marketplace.


Client: HealthCore – www.healthcore.com

Staff VP, Digital Solutions, Client Lead: Lisa Marceau, Lisa Marceau

Brand Strategists/Designers: Orange Square – www.orangesquare.com

Strategist & Creative Director: Kristine Merz
Art Director & Designer: Ryan Richard
Art Director & Designer: Juli Leonard