Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Associations, Foundations, Branding Consultants, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Institutions, Nonprofits, Medical Research, Health, Disease, Genetics, DNA, Diet, Charity, Donations, Support

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Industry Setting

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research is one of Australia’s premier medical research institutes. They see the big picture of health and disease by studying connections between genetics, lifestyle and diet. Garvan uses the information of the genome to predict, diagnose, prevent and treat disease to realize their vision of the future – a future where everyone lives longer, healthier lives.


But despite their life-changing work Garvan was struggling to stand out. A lack of a strong digital presence was hampering their efforts.

With such important work being done, it was essential for the new Garvan brand to be able to cut through the saturated charity market, keep its gravitas, and work well across digital.

Our challenge was to create an engagement strategy and bold creative concept that told the complex Garvan story in a way that both excited people and invited their advocacy and support.


We created a strong brand idea ‘A Revolution within Reach’, that could fire up their strategy and drive the creative work, helping Garvan to effectively engage with all their audiences. It would also help in driving an emotional connection and empower people to get involved. We needed to simplify the complex to help Garvan to effectively engage with all their audiences across all touchpoints.

By designing a digital-first system that includes DNA-like imagery, illustration and brand language, we’ve created the confidence and cut-through Garvan needs to authentically represent their word and define who they are in a way people can easily understand and engage with.


The launch of the refreshed identity is recent, so the Garvan Institute of Medical Research is currently undertaking brand health research to gain better insight into the benefit of the rebrand.

But so far, the client is thrilled with the result and the identity’s ability to talk to any audience, anywhere. The brand rollout was a very successful event for Garvan, and has been particularly successful internally, making communications stronger & more consistent.

They have had a significant increase in donation revenue since the rebrand.


Client: Garvan Institute of Medical Research – www.garvan.org.au

Brand Strategists/Designers/Insights/Client Services:
Principals – www.principals.com.au

Executive Creative Director: Simon Wright
Senior Designer: Rhiannon Folpp
Designer: Agus Wijaya
Motion Graphics: Jhon Riano
Head of Production: David Cunningham
Director, Brand Voice: Hamish Cargill
Writer: Lisa Wilson
Senior Account Director: Renée Stekel