Country Base: Switzerland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Beer, Wine, and Spirits, Retail Stores, Online Media, Ecommerce
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Industry Setting
Flaschenpost is the largest online shop for wine in Switzerland offering over 15,000 wines.


Having been established for six years, the Flaschenpost brand had become quite dated and needed a new look. The challenge was to revolutionize the wine market in Switzerland by finding answers to the digital transformation and thereby keeping Flaschenpost’s position as first mover.


We strengthened Flaschenpost’s brand positioning as the innovator of the wine e-commerce industry by focusing on high-level user experience and the usability of the online shop.

The redesign included refreshing the color palette, adapting the logo to a mobile friendly version, selecting new typefaces that represent the online world and the face-to-face customer service. The spacious display of all products and new layout principles are the core of the new Flaschenpost brand.

The website serves as an inspiration board and exploration into the wine world. It acts as a more personal medium in selling wine than a generic online shop. Their highly rated customer service was made apparent by representing the team members and calling them “Flaschenpöstler”.

Storytelling is a key element in providing inspiration and guiding the customer through the large assortment of products while emphasizing the expertise of Flaschenpost. The introduction of a magazine series with related wine sets enabled Flaschenpost to bring their user experience full circle and lead their customers to their website.

The newly designed packaging purposefully moved away from the industry standard of wooden boxes to a more personal version. The layout, color and quotes on the packaging change in regards to the purpose of the wine order; whether that be a gift or to expand your own wine collection.


Flaschenpost now provides a well-rounded online shopping experience by offering quality products and services throughout all customer touchpoints.


Client: Flaschenpost –

Brand Strategists/Designers: gyselroth™ –

Creative Director/Strategist: Andreas Roth
Art Director/Senior Designer: Simona Cellar
UX Designer: Christoph Tim Schneider
Project Manager/Strategist: Alexandra Waldmeier