Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Switzerland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Events/Entertainment/Leisure, Musicians/Music/Recording Industry, Tourism/Places/Geographic Locations/Countries, Festival,St.Moritz, Switzerland, Jazz, Music

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Industry Setting

The “Festival da Jazz” in St. Moritz is the highest Club Festival in the world. It brings renowned Jazz musicians like Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock and Al Jarreau from big stages to an intimate and exclusive setting.


To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, the festival decided to review its visual identity. The aim was to retain the brand recognition, while introducing a high level of innovation in order to meet the requirements of the digital world. Additionally, the whole journey of the attendees should be focused on, in the brand communication, to inspire further activities and immersion into the region of St. Moritz.


It was crucial to keep the black and white mood, since it was one of the main recognizing themes of the brand design. A strong focus was laid on advancing the digital appearance of the brand. For the first time, the key visual was produced as a moving image sequence for digital media. On the website, simplifying the user experience was key for a contemporary appearance. A ticket shop was integrated into the website so that the festival is maintained as a point of contact throughout the whole customer journey.

The print media was also adapted. Refined storytelling, focusing on the whole journey of the guests, including the stay and the scenic path up to St. Moritz, draws through all formats. The variable papers, fold-outs, the full bleed images and blue spreads in the guide as well as the festival invitations are playful interactions that leave the customers surprised and curious for more.


The tension between what had to be changed and what was necessary to keep was successfully resolved. Fundamental adaptations, such as simplifying the logo, changing the relationships of the main typefaces and reducing the many color codes to one main color blue advanced the brand to a more progressive look. Its digital appearance convinces on all touchpoints: The subtle movements of the model in the key visual captivate the viewer and mirror the intimacy of the festival. On the website, wide-format images of the artists and the surroundings transport the feeling of the festival and its exclusive location. Its clear and simplified appearance increases orientation for the customer and is optimized for an intuitive user experience. Throughout all media, consistent storytelling inspires the customer to explore more of St. Moritz and takes the audience on a journey of discovery.


Client: Festival da Jazz St. Moritz – www.festivaldajazz.ch

Artistic Director / Founder: Christian Jenny
Artist Relation: Rebecca Bratscher
Partner and Sponsor Relations: Corinna Fueter
Production / Copywriting: Jeremias Dubno

Brand Strategists/Designers: gyselroth – www.gyselroth.com/de

Creative Director: Andreas Roth
Art Director: Simona Cellar
Designer: Teresa Brand
Designer: Dana Badulescu
Frontend Developer: Jan Zimmermann
UX Designer: Christoph Tim Schneider
Project management / Strategist: Alexandra Waldmeier
Project management / Strategist: Nicole Kim
Project management / Strategist: Mathias Nöthiger
Photographer: Christian Ammann
Photographer: Matthias Heyde