Country Base: Switzerland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Media, Publishing, Books, Retail Stores, Music, Production, Software, Consumer Products, Manufacturing
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Industry Setting

Ex Libris is the leading Swiss retail brand for media supplies, including books, music, films, games, software, and consumer electronics. Founded in 1947, the brand has a long lasting and strong connection to Swiss consumers. Today, the company has about 90 retail locations nation-wide and owns the country’s largest online media store with over 6 million articles.


Ex Libris always stood for affordable entertainment, customer service, and its unmistakable red logo. However, times have changed and Ex Libris is competing more and more with international online brands. A new brand identity was needed to transform Ex Libris into a progressive, contemporary brand that continues to remain loyal to its customers on a personal level.


Together with Ex Libris, we created a strategic cornerstone for a progressive and personal brand. The «x» of the logo forms the core of the new design. It stages the interconnectedness of digital and personal channels, and illustrates Ex Libris as a meeting ground for people and their unique media needs. The «x» also signifies the vast media opportunities Ex Libris offers. Attributes such as simplicity, inspiration as well as local accessibility, commitment and kindness characterize the new brand positioning.


A dynamic design principle shapes the modernity of the brand and illustrates opportunities for the future. Complementary colors reflect the dynamic movement of encounter and divergence. The humanistic character of the FF Milo font underlines the demand for proximity and personality. A verbal brand platform forms the basis for the linguistic communication – from advertising to online correspondence. Together, design, messaging, and the execution across all channels enliven the brand and its demand for freshness, inspiration and personality.


Client: Ex Libris

Brand Strategists/Designers: MetaDesign