Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Saudi Arabia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Electronics, Digital Waste, Charity, Recycling, PCs, CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Purpose, Reuse
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Industry Setting

Ertiqa is a Saudi-based digital waste recycling charity that helps businesses manage their digital waste. The firm acquires old PCs, cleans them, adds new hard drives, then distributes them to schools and charities. The firm operates from Damman in Saudi’s Eastern Province, providing services to large enterprises who are upgrading their facilities, need to dispose of older PCs, and want this to contribute to their CSR.


Ertiqa brand had the following challenges:
• It was a brand with little or no definition
• Its purpose was not communicated well internally or externally
• The identity didn’t instill confidence in stakeholders, especially donors who were providing the PCs they required
• The colors were more associated with India than with a Saudi brand
• There were no graphic standards plus the packaging (used to send refurbished PCs to clients ) were 4 color, creating large print costs and environmental impact.


We helped build a new Ertiqa by:
• Running client workshops to discover the brand’s true purpose
• Creating a brand vision they could believe in (to discover potential and deliver value)
• Creating a brand value system (Committed, Creative, Direct and Energetic) and helping the team build a culture that could support this vision
• Defined their brand personality and archetype (the entrepreneur)
• Created a brand promise (to find and create value through profitable opportunities).


• The brand has been rolled out to the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, helping signal the changes they communicated were real and visible
• The appreciation of internal changes has been clearly identified by both internal teams and shareholders
• The brand relaunch has enjoyed overwhelmingly positive reception by the business community in KSA’s eastern province
• The perception of a greater level of internal professionalism has been noted by the firms benefactors.


Client: Alfozan: Ertiqa – www.alfozan.com

Corporate Communications Director: Ahmed Alomair

Brand Strategists/Designers: Unisono – www.unisonoagency.com

Brand Strategy: Amy Morgan
Creative Director: Liam Farrell
Designer: Liam Farrell
Copywriting: Liam Farrell