Country Base: Italy
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Industrial, Manufacturing, Metallurgy, Metals
Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits


Industry Setting

Eredi Gnutti Metalli Group is a European leader in the production of brass rods, copper strips, and strips made of copper alloys, ranging from brass to bronze, to special alloys. EGM Group keeps in great consideration the needs of each individual customer and carries out its activities responsibly, making it a reliable partner with over 150 years of experience in metallurgy. EGM is able to quickly meet the requirements of both the major European factories and small, local users alike.


The company wanted to unify its brand to speak with one voice to various target audiences. We had to maintain characteristics of the old logo: simplicity and exposure of the brand’s positive values. Target: companies operating in the following sectors: electronics, automotive, mechanical, telecommunications, construction and taps and fittings.


Old logo.
Composed of 4 colors: black, grey, blue and red. The line consists of 3 colors with high printing costs and low versatility. “EREDI GNUTTI METALLI GROUP”: the font and dimensions are all the same and all the words have the same importance.

New logo.
Only 2 shades for this logo: grey and black to optimize printing costs. The “M” in grey exalts the element uniting the companies: metal. The line consists of a single color and the logo becomes cleaner and lighter. We have introduced one element: the rhombus representing the fil rouge with the old SAG logo. This diamond shape appears as the face of a cube which, used as a distinct graphic element and not as a logo, confers three-dimensionality to communication tools. The word GROUP is in bold and assumes great importance for two reasons: all the companies have the same weight and the word GROUP will be positioned below EGM.


We have represented the vision of the company in a creative and memorable way. The company has been interpreted consistently, with one “voice” in all communication.


Client: S. A. Eredi Gnutti Metalli S.p.A. –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Raineri Design Srl –
Art Director and Designer: William Raineri