Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Poland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Electrotechnical Sector, Electrical Accessories, Electrical Equipment, Electricians, Electrical Engineering, Contractors, Investors, Wholesalers, Investment Managers, Suppliers

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Industry Setting

Elektroskandia is a chain of electrotechnical wholesalers serving two sales points for electricians and large industrial investments. Due to the change in ownership, from 2019 Elektroskandia is under a new name: Enexon, as part of an international corporation – Wurth Group.


The agency’s task was to prepare a comprehensive rebranding of the Elektroskandia brand, which included changing the name, building a new concept of the graphic symbol (logo), preparing new Key Visuals for three business segments, designing print and digital materials, implementing the website and creating the interior of the warehouse according to the new concept.


In the pressure of everyday tasks, both electricians and contractors, as well as large investment managers, need a proven supplier with whom everything in electrical engineering becomes simple.

“With us everything becomes simple” became the leitmotiv of the whole strategy, and we moved it to the key visual, in which the “pulse line” comes from the electrical circuit diagram. We used simple icons and shapes in the advertising materials, visual style of the warehouse (simple interiors, creating the impression of a workshop through the use of OSB – Oriented Strand Board ) and industry-friendly jokes on materials (e.g. on a mug “drinking with energy” becomes simple). We wanted to show that we are very close to the thinking of our professional group.


As a result of our work, the client got a new visual identification system that is not only modern and helps stand out from competitors, but also fits into the nature of electrical technology in an innovative way. Despite the name change, our client maintained existing clients and even significantly increased the client base. The concept has been well received by employees (they identify with both brand values ​​and style) and customers.


Client: Enexon – www.enexon.pl

Marketing Director: Jan Sobusiak
Marketing Manager: Ewa Zielnica
Marketing Specialist: Wojciech Chmiel

Brand Strategists/Designers: eFresh – www.efresh.com.pl

Head of Strategy/Creative Director: Adam Michańków
Client Service Manager: Ola Lisiecka
Designer: Krystyna Tomaszewska
Designer: Bogumiła Pepasińska
Designer: Katarzyna Dąbek
Designer: Piotr Jankowski
Web Designer: Tomek Bieńkowski