Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Indonesia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Business/Professional Services, Consulting Services, Information/Broadcast, Machine Learning, Media/Information Services, Technology/Computer Hardware and Software, Big Data, Information, Consulting, Technology, Innovation

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Industry Setting

Mediatrac is a media tracking company which decided to change its core business into big data analytics in 2010. That decision made them the pioneer of big data corporation in Indonesia. However, the market is still not ready to delve in that sophisticated industry.


Data analytics system still sounds foreign in Indonesia’s market. Many companies are reluctant to try it. Moreover, Mediatrac’s identity has also been strongly associated to media tracking services. Hence it created confusion which impacted both the company and industry.

In addition, the public is still frightened by the concept of advance technology. People could not get a grasp of how the system works and how important the system will be for their business. That lack of understanding eventually leads to low engagement and slow sales.


We decided to rebrand the whole identity, starting by changing its name from Mediatrac to Dattabot. The name derived from the word Data & Machine Learning (/bot), to best described its core business.

We designed an iconic visual system and brand mascot that conveys a friendlier vibe of big data. Through the visual design, we leveraged the public’s engagement by simplifying the complexity of this industry.

Moreover, to increase public knowledge about the importance of big data, we created a learning ecosystem/community called Dattabot Dojo. In this platform, people could collaborate to foster the growth of high-caliber talents that can transform and make an impact to society.


At present, Dattabot is known to be at the forefront of Indonesia’s big data industry. Within one year, Dattabot has succeeded in establishing 47 partnerships with companies from different institutions (Government, NGO, Private sectors, etc). Dattabot Dojo has also become a founding member of 3 strategic associations: Fintech Indonesia Association, ABDI (Indonesia Big Data Association), and Indonesia IoT Forum.


Client: Dattabot – www.dattabot.io
CEO: Mr. Regi Wahyu
COO: Mr. Tom Malik
Digital Marketing & Communications Manager: Mr. Aria Alifie Nurfikry

Brand Strategists/Designers: Credens Strategic Branding – www.thecredens.com

CEO, Strategy Director: Richie Wirjan
COO, Project Director: Joseph Eko
Brand Strategist: Rina Permatasari

Motion Graphic Production, 3D motion and video launching: Space Monkeys – www.spacemonkeys.co.id

Creative and design studio, Graphic Design: ThinkingRoom – www.thinkingroominc.com

Design Principal, Creative Director: Eric Widjaja
Graphic Designer: Nandiasa Rahmawati