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Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, CVS Health, CVS, ExtraCare, Caremark, Rewards Programs, Loyalty, Customer Care, Health, Wellness, Customer Experience, Stores, Retail

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Industry Setting

CVS Health (NYSE: CVS) is an American retail pharmacy and health care company. With over 158,000 pharmacies and $177.52 billion dollars in annual revenue, CVS is one of the largest pharmacy brands in the U.S. With one of the largest rewards program followings in the country, CVS Health’s ExtraCare program—a highly personalized, digital loyalty program—had seen a great deal of success.


But after membership numbers began to plateau and complaints of complexity began to grow, CVS decided to simplify and improve ExtraCare to further engage customers.


To this end, we created an energetic visual identity and messaging to drive excitement and action. Our messaging, “so many reasons to smile—savings in so many ways, plus delightful rewards and experiences we know you’ll love,” conveys the value ExtraCare provides its clients.

To support and emphasize the ExtraCare positioning, we created a robust palette of brand elements to elevate the program. These ownable brand elements visually define the ExtraCare brand in both communications and customer experiences. The ExtraCare logo represents the delight that comes from the abundance of savings, rewards and offers that CVS customers want.

Anchored by the CVS Retail brand palette, the ExtraCare color palette defines an ownable look for the program and its members. The ExtraCare photography style is bold and engaging. It has a clear focus that aims to delight customers by emphasizing the relevant savings on items they love. And ExtraCare badges help visualize the great benefits and savings ExtraCare has to offer. Whether in-store, online or on the app, the ExtraCare visual identity represents the delight of surprise giveaways, special savings, just-for-you offers and more.


Since improving their ExtraCare program, CVS’s year over year revenue has increased 11.7% to $46 billion.


Client: CVS ExtraCare –
VP, Executive Creative Director: Brett Gerstenblatt

Brand Strategists/Designers: Siegel+Gale –

Executive Creative Director: Anne Swan
Associate Creative Director: Krista Oraa
Design Director: Tien-Min Liao