Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Russia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Communications, Consulting Services, Professional Services, Digital, Media, Agency, PR, Russia, Public Relations, Online Marketing, Multimedia, Business Intelligence

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Industry Setting

In the past 20 years, CROS achieved major positions in the Russian public relations market. However, to retain its leading role, the company had to keep up with the rapid developments in the industry – the growth in integrated communications, cross-platform online marketing and creative multimedia disciplines. Another challenge consisted in the general fall of margin in the classical public relations segment and the growing demand for business intelligence and value-added consulting services.


In this industry context, CROS needed to redefine its image and brand focus for the new era. Company rebranding was aimed to demonstrate the strongest and most promising agency’s expertise and capabilities, give momentum to its new development, and be better positioned for possible changes.


Based on the results of a brand visual audit and interviews with the company’s board-level leadership and alumni, the project team revealed the unique character of CROS as ‘masters of the game.’ The brand design sees mass communications as an unstable ludic environment with a perpetually changing set of rules and increasing entropy; it conveys the key competence of CROS: achieving success in a chaotic environment through concealed selective punctual impact in the most sensitive nodal areas. The brand design develops on an interplay of chaos and a point to convey the drama and the delicacy of CROS’s approach across all of its projects.

The new brand mission was formulated as follows: CROS provides world-class communications solutions for the most challenging cases. Creating unique scenarios for each and every project, we guarantee clients the best possible result.


The rebranding has become an important landmark event in its more than 20 years history. The new brand and logo were officially presented to the public and employees on the company’s birthday in July, 2017. Following the launch, the new identity has been highly evaluated by expert audiences and our clients. We received a lot of positive comments regarding the new brand via Facebook and in person: “nice,” “innovative,” “modern,” “cool,” “awesome,” etc. All corporate documents, merchandise, stationery and company’s communications channels were updated according to the new guidelines.

Changes in the brand identity attracted additional clients’ attention to the agency: the number of requests for proposals for the company’s services has significantly increased in recent months. Also, the cooperation between CROS and existing clients has become more positive.


Client: CROS – www.cros.ru/en

Vice President on Business Development: Ksenia Trifonova

Brand Strategists/Designers: STELLAR
Director of Strategy: Grigor Badalyan
Art Director: Daniel Malkin