Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Mexico
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Government/State Agencies/NGOs, Government, Citizenship, Mexico, Institution, Politics, Services

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Industry Setting

Corregidora is a municipality in the state of Querétaro (in the center of México). It is one of the municipalities with the highest development rate in México: in 2016, its GDP increased at an annual rate of 8.8% (compared to the national 2.3%). According to the political system of México, each municipality is represented by a municipal council that changes its mayor every three years by popular election.


The new Municipal Council of Corregidora (2015-2018) required a new branding strategy to create a closer communication with its citizens. This project was made within a national political landscape where less than 50% of Mexicans rely on government institutions.


Most citizens perceive municipal governments as councils guided more by political interest than public service. In the previous administration of Corregidora (as is often the case in other municipalities of the country) graphic identity was chaotic, outdated and unfriendly. The new image of the Municipal Council of Corregidora was designed to stand on its own with an honest approach, aware of its role as a public service institution and interested in building a more robust, by-the-citizens government. All of these concepts were embodied in various materials including stationery, uniforms, corporate communication, outdoors campaigns, digital platforms and official events. The project was developed by a multidisciplinary group that began researching four months before the change of administration and will continue to explore the brand possibilities until 2018.


The new brand successfully communicates Corregidora as a municipality where the government approaches its citizens to work together in order to improve the place they call home. Also, the branding project has revamped the institution, resulting in two interesting outcomes: residents identify with the municipality, developing a sense of belonging, while employees adopted the brand as a reflection of their daily work. Both results created emotional connections, teamwork and consistent communication that weren’t there before.


Client: Corregidora Ciudadana – www.corregidora.gob.mx/portal/

Marketing/Communication Manager: Ginette Amieva

Brand Strategists/Designers: Sé, taller de ideas – www.taller-se.com

Branding Strategist: Mauricio Sánchez
Creative Director: Jacobo Zanella
Copywriter: Luis Bernal
Graphic Designer: Daniel Bravo