Country Base: UK
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Human Resources, Personnel, Professional Associations
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Industry Setting
The world is changing and the world of Human Resources (HR) is changing to reflect its demands. HR is stepping out of hiring and firing alone, and into the Boardroom. As the world’s leading membership organization for HR and learning & development, CIPD has to lead the way.

Repositioning the organization around ‘championing better work and working lives’ demanded organizational change. It also demanded a fundamental review of the brand, which was fragmented and disparate, and very much ‘old school’ HR in tone.

Inherent in this was the need to provide considerable stretch for an organization that has many audiences, channels and a considerable amount of collateral. This also had to be delivered in a way that “heroed” CIPD, which has to lead from the front in the charge towards the new future.

We established that ‘championing better work and working lives’ demands that CIPD is seen as the ‘voice’ of HR, promoting dialogue and leading opinion. Once messaging and a tone of voice was developed, which elevated the all important content, a visual brand was developed which highlighted ‘voice’ and dialogue in a myriad of ways.

The new logo has moved to a more confident upper case and the hidden speech bubble in the P (for ‘people’) subtly promotes CIPD’s role. Visual chaos has been replaced by an ordered and highly flexible visual communications hierarchy.

From graphic speech bubbles that carry key messaging, to graphic devices that ‘speak’ to one another, to patterns reflecting CIPD’s impact on the world (with a hidden speech bubble at the point of impact), graphic typography and photography showcasing their work in action, the brand signals change. The result means that every audience, channel and form of collateral is supported, and everything hangs together. Above all, the brand isn’t different for it’s own sake, but is a perfect reflection of the step change and new purpose of the organization. 


Client: CIPD – Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Frank, Bright & Abel –