Country Base: UK
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Cosmetic Dental Care, Dentistry, Orthodontics, Healthcare
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Industry Setting

Short term orthodontics is a specialized segment of the cosmetic dental healthcare industry.

Fundamentally, this segment straightens teeth to achieve improved health, beauty and increase wellbeing in as little as four months. Utilizing innovative technologies, general dentists create beautiful smiles that are more affordable and less time consuming than conventional braces.

Dentists qualify to provide cosmetic teeth straightening after undertaking a brief course with a short term orthodontic systems academy.


Currently there are a vast number of academy’s offering cosmetic teeth straightening, and like for like products and technologies. Thus, the brand message is diluted which prevents one company from standing out among its competitors.

With the industry evolving at a rapid rate, it was crucial to make a big impact to blow away the stigma of current trends.

To cut through old conventions and to create a brand revolution, connecting strong emotions for the consumer and a differentiated brand for the provider was key. We explored abstract concepts in nature to create a strong identity that would stand out in the current market.


We created an evolutionary identity, a trend-setting brand that targets young females and mimics the changing market. We kept the core message intact and concise so that the identity has space to evolve with the ever-changing trends of the industry.

The process of teeth straightening has become the next must-have for the demographic 18-30+ and continues to drive communication of its value and ease to the 30-40+.

We’ve produced a brand that makes a more beautiful, healthier smile a fashion statement. A brand with aspirational tones that our target audience can connect with, leading to expanding brand awareness and increased sales.


Client: Cfast –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Deconstructed Design Ltd –

Creative Director: Karl Taylor-Knight
Designer: Emily Davies
Researcher: Chantelle Kirk
3D Artist: Anthony Birk