Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Technology/Computer Hardware and Software, Naming, Identity, Brand Strategy, Brand Language, Logo, Innovation, Payment Processing

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Industry Setting

Merchant Warehouse began selling point-of-sale terminals online to merchants 20 years ago. Once a device that simply allowed for a cashless purchase, POS terminals have become a payment information platform that helps merchants better manage their business and supply chain, enhance the customer experience and build loyalty.


Since its inception, Merchant Warehouse had continually pushed the boundaries of what payment processing could become. Though regarded as an innovator, the sales and marketing team struggled to tell the larger story about what smart payment processing could do for their customers’ businesses. While it had changed the payment processing game, it had outgrown its name and its brand along the way.


We guided the company through a top-down re-positioning and rebranding process that resulted in a new brand name (Cayan®), new positioning platform (i.e., The Payment Possibilities Company™) and an identity consistent with its role as an innovator in the payments marketplace. This positioning platform efficiently supported the rebrand rollout, acting as both a descriptor (“this is the category we intend to lead”) and a tagline (“we are innovators in this market-space”).


The rebranding process included development of a new brand name, which led to new nomenclature (to clarify the line logic of the service portfolio) and verbal branding assets (to support the new positioning). A comprehensive brand identity program included guidelines for Cayan development teams to create tools that told the bold new Cayan story with consistency and confidence.

The transition of the company positioning—from a merchant convenience to a platform that could fuel business growth—and the rebranding which told that story, were both well-received. The “new” brand has proven an ideal platform for launching Cayan service offers, including integrated in-store, mobile and online offers, and support for customer loyalty programs.


Client: Cayan – www.cayan.com

Vice President, Marketing: Jenn Reichenbach
Director of Marketing Communications: Patrick Turiano
Director, Digital Marketing: Kristin McLeod
Senior Director, Digital Strategy and Acquisition: Hal Gudmundset
Creative Director: Ryan Crowley

Brand Strategists/Designers: Catapult Thinking – www.catapultthinking.com

Brand Strategist: Dean Whitney
Creative Director: Jeff Pacione
Designer: Richard Dowhan
Designer: Lynne Smith
Writer: Mike Mooney

Brand Strategists/Designers: Sagacity First – www.catapultthinking.com

Researcher: Julie Irish
Researcher: Catherine Morlino