Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Place Making, Government, State Agencies, Council, United, Community, Brand Consultants, Branding, Place Branding, Tourism, West Sydney, Design Thinking

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Industry Setting

Against the backdrop of a rapidly changing Western Sydney, Campbelltown needed an updated brand story and identity that was distinctive and reflective of both who they are today, and where they want to be tomorrow.

We were invited to define and tell that story, in a way that united everybody living there.


Through a design thinking process, we ran extensive consultation with over 1000 members of the community, council, staff and visitors to the area. We learned three important things. That Campbelltown is on Dharawal land (a place united by strong ties of kinship and compassion and their connection to the landscape). That it is naturally welcoming. And that it is a place where opportunity comes to life.


The new strategy captured the spirit of the area, and drove development of an identity inspired by what the Dharawal land of Campbelltown has always been known for – being a meeting place where diverse people and paths come together to make things happen. The logo captures the positive energy of Campbelltown with a supporting palette of vibrant colors.

We also streamlined the brand architecture to create a stronger link between Campbelltown Council and the activities they support, to drive greater recognition and understanding across all of their audiences about the value they deliver to the community.


The new identity was launched on 21 August 2019. It has been positively received across the community and has been successfully rolled out across the local government area. And due to the high media cover, there has been a significant increase in brand awareness.

• Since the rebrand Campbelltown City Council had a rise in unique page views
• The video created for the rebrand ‘Campbelltown Brand Journey’ has received 441 views (an increase)
• Rebranded content posted on Facebook saw an increase in reach (between 3,982-5,341) and reactions, comments and shares (between 186-472)
• Website & Facebook traffic has increased


Client: Campbelltown – www.campbelltown.nsw.gov.au/home

Project Input Team: The 1000 members of the community, council, staff and visitors of Campbelltown Council.

Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals – www.principals.com.au

Strategy Director: Sandy Belford
Strategy Director Human Centered Design: Debbie Spence
Strategy Director: Moensie Rossier
Executive Creative Director: Simon Wright
Creative Director: Martin Hopkins
Senior Designer: Rhiannon Folpp
Senior Designer: Sam Baines
Junior Designer: Jordan Demetriou
Head of Motion Graphics: Dean Varndell
Motion Graphics Designer: Hayden Mathys
Head of Production: David Cunningham
Senior Writer: Nicholas Ryan
Group Operations Director: Tui Horo
Senior Account Manager: Elaine Ma
Strategy Executive: Annabelle Overton