Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Switzerland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Thin-Layer Instruments, Planar Chromatography, Images, Digital Innovation, Product Design, Computer Hardware, Software, SaaS, Science, Laboratory, Technology

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Industry Setting

CAMAG is the world’s leading manufacturer of instruments for thin-layer chromatography. Based in the Swiss town of Muttenz, the company is established in over 120 countries, supplying laboratories, universities, organizations and other customers from various industries through a large number of distribution partners.


Thin-layer chromatography is considered to be a relatively complex analytical method. With the introduction of a new, fully automated product line, CAMAG presents a significant technological innovation. The extensive rebranding aimed at positively influencing the perception of thin-layer chromatography and strengthening CAMAG’s position as the global leader with a fresh, contemporary brand.


Taking the complexity of the topic into consideration, a strong user-centered approach was pursued, focusing on a simplified communication.

The focus was on effective storytelling with film, image and text elements. In addition, an image film was produced for the launch of the new product line, focusing strongly on emotions and communicating the technological innovation on a human level.

The high degree of automation of the devices and a simplified, user-friendly application are reflected in the general product presentation and the concept of the new digital platform. The focus was particularly on an attractive user experience for customers and distribution partners.

In order to safeguard the existing recognition value of the renowned brand, the striking logo and the previous blue tone were retained during rebranding. The wider color palette was refreshed and given an unmistaken pared range.


The brand received a fresh, contemporary appearance in its printed and digital form. Strategically coordinated with the launch of the new product line, the rebranding results in a positive change of perception regarding thin-layer chromatography. This will enable CAMAG to strengthen and expand its role as an innovative market leader.


Client: CAMAG – www.camag.com

CEO: Markus Wyss
Marketing Manager: Aydin Mohadjer
Head of Research & Development: Nicolas Richerdt
Scientific Business Development Manager: Melanie Broszat

Brand Strategists/Designers: gyselroth™ – www.gyselroth.com

Creative Director / Strategist: Andreas Roth
Art Director / Senior Designer: Linda Baer
Art Director / Senior Designer: Simona Cellar
Art Director / Senior Designer: Åsa Frölander
UX Designer: Christina Joller
UX Designer: Teresa Brand
UX Designer: Christoph Schneider
Content Editor: Madleina Huwyler
Project Manager: Mathias Nöthiger

Photography: Christian Amman – www.photographer.ch

Photography: Stefan Kubli – www.stefankubli.ch

Movie Director: Christian Amman – www.photographer.ch

Product Design Agency: tale – www.tale.ch